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The server name is for your reference to identify the mobile device management MDM server. Choose Choose File… to upload the. The Apple portal assigns the specified devices to the Intune server for management and then displays Assignment Complete. In the Apple token box, browse to the certificate.

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With the push certificate, Intune can enroll and manage macOS devices by pushing policy to enrolled devices. Intune automatically synchronizes with Apple to see your enrollment program account. Now that you've installed your token, you can create an enrollment profile for devices. A device enrollment profile defines the settings applied to a group of devices during enrollment. Select a token, choose Profiles , and then choose Create profile.


Under Create Profile , enter a Name and Description for the profile for administrative purposes. Users do not see these details. You can use this Name field to create a dynamic group in Azure Active Directory. Use the profile name to define the enrollmentProfileName parameter to assign devices with this enrollment profile. Learn more about Azure Active Directory dynamic groups.

For User Affinity , choose whether or not devices with this profile must enroll with or without an assigned user. Enroll with User Affinity - Choose this option for devices that belong to users and that want to use the Company Portal app for services like installing apps. Learn more. Enroll without User Affinity - Choose this option for device unaffiliated with a single user. Use this for devices that perform tasks without accessing local user data. Choose Device Management Settings and Choose whether or not you want locked enrollment for devices using this profile.

Locked enrollment disables macOS settings that allow the management profile to be removed from the System Preferences menu or through the Terminal. After device enrollment, you cannot change this setting without wiping the device. Choose Setup Assistant Settings to configure the following profile settings: You can choose to show or hide a variety of Setup Assistant screens on the device when the user sets it up. If you choose Hide , the screen won't be displayed during setup.

After setting up the device, the user can still go in to the Settings menu to set up the feature. If you choose Show , the screen will be displayed during setup. The user can sometimes skip the screen without taking action. But they can then later go into the device's Settings menu to set up the feature.

Now that Intune has permission to manage your devices, you can synchronize Intune with Apple to see your managed devices in Intune in the Azure portal. You can pick a default macOS and iOS profile to be applied to all devices enrolling with a specific token. You have enabled management and syncing between Apple and Intune, and assigned a profile to let your devices enroll.

You can now distribute devices to users. Devices with user affinity require each user be assigned an Intune license. Devices without user affinity require a device license.

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An activated device cannot apply an enrollment profile until the device is wiped. Following the previously mentioned instructions here , this works great for El Capitan I am unsure of the legalities regarding sharing this, as it is currently unsupported by Microsoft - somebody please let me know if sharing it is illegal. Page content loaded. Oct 17, 6: Oct 22, Yes, i have this same problem, It looks like apple is not working with microsoft anymore.

follow site I uninstalled me windows app because it could not communicate with my phone anymore and when I tried to re-install the windows app again from mac app store it said it is not available. Nov 5, 9: Let me just be sure I understand this.

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Apple, by not making the windows phone app available for download on the U. If this is right, that is so lame. Ultra lame. Microsoft have to make the app and submit it to Apple, just as they did for previous versions of OS X.

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Nov 5, 1: Since the Windows Phone app is no longer available for download via iTunes App Store, does anyone have a link to the most recent Windows Phone mac app installer? I picked up a Lumia and don't have a good way to transfer my videos and music to the phone. I can use Microsoft's OneDrive but that's super slow. I can also use Nokia's Photo Transfer app but it doesn't allow me to transfer anything other than photos and videos to the phone's camera roll. I'm on a Mac Pro running Nov 8, 4: For now use Nokia Photo Transfer Google it , for transferring video just change its extension to jpg and moved to camera roll and import to Mac do the reverse for Mac to Lumia copy , for multiple files you can use archive on Mac and 8Zip Lite on Lumia.

Nov 8, 7: Nov 15, 1: The only way for transferring files between windows phone and mac is using one drive at both devices. Nov 15, 6: Nov 15, 8: Yeah it works for Photos. For other files you can use 'extension changing' trick. I'm using Nokia Photo Transfer 1. Dec 20, 5: Dec 22, Nope, just update the Windows Phone libraries as somebody else explained above.

It works fine in El Capitan. Ok thanks for that. I'm still on The Windows Phone app you kindly linked works fine, but I'm disappointed to see that it only handles media photos, music etc - I thought it was going to sync contacts as well and possibly text messages. Or even let me write texts on my macbook and use the phone to send them. Anyone any ideas on how to sync contacts and text messages between a macbook and a nokia lumina with Win Mobile 8. More Less. Communities Contact Support.