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We have posted this notice on the front page of the site for all the readers. We really appreciate you sharing this important tip!. Cheers, AppleToolBox. I can mount my hd and am already lucky I got my data saved but with all the tips not restart the sucker. I tried the safe boot and it worked immediately! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I got stuck like this following an El Capitan update. Thanks very much for your help! Definitely suggest you try this. Hope it works for you too. I have a MBP Ive tried all of the solutions I appreciate all of you who posted these! I tried all of these multiple times and unfortunately none of them worked.

All roads led to the frozen tundra white screen:. Q1: Besides buying a sledge hammer, has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have stepped into the world of Apple because the problems with Windows OS. Until now I were very happy, but unfortunately I upgrade my working machine with OS Now I have an unuseful computer. My mac did not boot for a month. I am thinking to throw away my mac. Bad move from Apple!!! While it was on and I was using it as normal surfing the internet, etc , the screen went black not completely off, it was still lit, but with black color , and wouldnt respond.

I powered down by holding the power button for a few seconds. So I got startup chime, apple logo, then white screen. I tried safe mode and it starts up in safe mode, but still not in normal mode. I tried resetting the pram, nothing. Any ideas? I tried number 1 three times it did not work. I tried number 2 three times it did not work. I tried number 3 three times and on the 3rd try it is up and running.

Before I did steps I did the command S I did not type the info described above I just typed exit. I hope it continues to work. So what I found out worked was we had to erase the entire disk, then when I verified it, it was fixed. So I restarted the computer and we got this flashing image of a folder with a question mark. From there is was easy going. We did have to erase the hard drive, but our computer is alive!!!

When in the reinstall IOS window, select the disk you just erased. I have the exact same problem, I just found out about it 5 minutes ago. I have tried every solution on this thread with no luck. I have a MacBook Pro running mavericks. I am getting white screen, apple sign, spinning circle and a loading bar below that. Nothin loads, and after a few minutes it turns off even with the charger plugged in. Anyone else with the same model and year found a solution? Last night my computer start acting up so I had to tune off manually, since then my screen stay blue.

I have try 1 and it worked but what do I need to do to get back to my normal screen? So I decided to leave a comment because this was the web page that helped me the most. So thank you to everyone for sharing your tips. I have a Macbook pro I tried them hundreds of times and finally got it to start with command R, after I did it like 20 times haha. But my laptop kept freezing, and I would have to power off and I probably have gotten that white screen like 4 times since. And thats when I found a new trick. I am not a computer person so if this is bad for it then sorry.

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So my trick is, when you get the white screen, leave it, leave your laptop on, take out the charger, and let your laptop die with the white screen on. And you should hear the fans going as you let it die. Once you think it died, start it up without the charger to make sure it is completely out of charge. Then put the charger back in, and start it up like usual. It has worked for me every single time it happened. Hope I helped. Thanks and good luck to. Hi there! Thanks for this value hints! You single-handedly saved me a load of time and money. I followed your guidance with precision and my MacBook Air works again!

There is a recall on certain Macs on this issue. Last night , I shut it down without any problems , but this morning , it started to show the white screen with an apple logo. So any idea or suggestion that can help me out? I have the same problem. I have a mid imac. I had upgraded from snow leopard to Yosemite 10 10 2 3 months ago. At first it ran like new. Over the last few weeks it has gotten very slow spinning color wheels were commonplace. Please help! The only problem is I cannot do anything to back up my files.

Fix MacBook Pro White Screen of Death [4 Solutions] - MacMetric

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have an Imac that gets to the white screen with the apple logo, have tried all the above mentioned strategies with no success. Please Help! I have a white screen, the apple logo, and the bar that loads about a third of the way and the pinwheel that just continues to spin.

Tried all the fancy safe mode boots and steps above with no results. Any other suggestions would be great!!! Thank you all. Good luck there is hope Tried although steps above with white screen on start up. All manner of apple logo, grey Barry , black screen with white text… Nothing stayed up longer than a few seconds. Took three cosequtive Ttempts, then my computer fired up with my normal screen again. AppleSetupDone shutdown -h now its not working any can help? I have tried all the above suggestions. Please help guys!!! Please I need your help and suggestions.

Thanks in advance! Coincidentally all these issues started when I updated to snow leopard. I now update regularly and my Apple works great. Thank you forum. Same woes…… White screen, after I attempt to get past admin login. Have tried every solution listed above. Problems began with an error message 36 when I tried to empty the trash. They did get rid if the error message and have had no more problems there but subsequently have run out of memory for basic tasks. Then today suddenly, the white screen…….

The guy on the remote help gave up and suggested it was a disk problem. Got my disk mounted and could retrieve all data, but still struggling with the booting and white screen. None of the above so far worked. Glad, I got my data secured, but annoying to not get beyond the white screen w apple and progress bar.

I have a Mac book Pro. It worked perfectly without a hitch until I upgraded to Yosemite.

Haw to fix ,a1534 macbook 2015, stuck in apple logo (Part 1)

It just goes back to this screen. Can anyone help with a suggestion on how to overcome this problem? I have a Macbook Pro. It turned off and never turn on again. When connecting the power the LED indicator is green. I can hear fan noise for a very short time but it starts and stops and when using power adapter it repeat again and again. Also there is an LED indicator in right that it turns on and off with fan at the same time. At one step there was a flash of big blocks but then back to white screen. My iMac has been doing the same thing.

It finally rebooted after bding off all night and using the OCRP reset. After using it for about 2 hours it started the reboot sequence again. I think it might be a heat related issue since the top of my Mac is really hot. I did the hardware check and the fans increased and decreased in speed during the test but run extremely slow during operation. Is there a way to adjust the fan speeds manually? I did a safe reboot, followed by a restart and all is now good.

A message appeared following the restart that there was an issue with the Message app and to select the Quit button, which I did. I was trying to clear up a calibration issue with a new external monitor otherwise the computer worked fine and did a PRAM reset. The system has not booted since.

I make to the part where I log in but get the beach ball. I have tried many if not all these steps with no success. Thanks for sharing these steps. It shows OSX base system and the main HD and partition are OK, but the Macintosh HD came up Unable to verify completely, then it said volume repair complete but got hung up updating boot support partitions for this volume.

I have seen many forums when, for example, hosting game servers for my children and needing advice, in which most queries are given answers either from volunteers or those responsible for the programs people are querying about. Those are youngsters, yet they have shown far more responsibility than Apple itself. To distract us like children? I was a huge Mac fan. I am now lost to it. As a graphic and digital artist, this was my livelihood.

Two lessons, in fact: to sort backup systems as a priority as soon as they go pfutt, and to leave Apple behind, because PCs can now use all the software I need, such as Adobe Creative Suite. You have let me down, Apple. Help used to be easy to get, that was one of the main reasons I stayed with Apple since the early Mac ll! I install windows 7 on new partition!! Now mac is stop black screen when restart!! How can i reinstall OS X and windows 7. I tried all this and it did not work. When it starts up I get the app and then black screen with cursor. Please help I am having the same problem as everyone else.

None of the steps are working. Was working fine this morning. Hi all, I have an old MacBook Air when I turn it on it has the usual start sound followed by a grey screen with a flashing Apple logo that contains a no entry sign a circle with a diagonal line across and a question mark within the Apple logo. Can anyone help? Regards Aubrey. Any other suggestions?

I have been forced to buy Windows system to continue my classes, but most of my info is on my MacBook. My confidence in Apple has been undermined. My laptop was working just fine then I heard a weird buzz and saw my external monitor get weird lines so I disconnected it. Laptop still was displaying properly. I rebooted and ran tech tools to check the hardware and ram. No issues. Restarted fine, reconnected the external monitor. Again problems so I disconnected, shut down and rebooted.

I get to the login screen, select user and enter my password. Continues to startup, but the black profess bar gets about halfway then the white screen. Have tried all steps but no luck. I also noticed my user login icons have faint lines going across. Could this be my graphic card? I read mbp had problems with the graphic cards.

Did you ever figure it out? You described my exact issue. Horizontal lines. External monitor. Started a few more times not nothing but white screen of death. I start up my MacBook Pro and is comes up with a white screen and the grey Apple logo but also has a loading bar underneath and when the loading bar gets to about half way the macbook shuts down. Someone please help. My 09 macbook pro was working fine this morning when I shut it down, when I turned it on again it is white screen.

I have tried all the options but no result. I get a folder with question mark. Not today which is my birthday. Just installed new solid state drive after being told my HD was shot when I kept getting a gray screen at boot this was per techie at Genius Bar; he ran utilities to check hardware but when it got to the HD the utility check just hung.

Connected without an issue and files downloaded, however once that was done, I got the apple logo, the screen flashed black, then the gray screen returned and nothing has happened since. It says the mac having graphical problem. Do i have to replace my ram? Number three worked for me. Turned it back on and viola! Thank you!!! This worked for me! Just seeing my computer again in Safe Mode was such a relief. My MacBook pro has a white screen, no apple logo. Instead it is flashing a picture of a folder with a question mark in it? Anyone know what this means?

It is Christmas day — of all days for this to happen! Will I need to take it back to the apple store? This happened to me. You need to replace the hard drive cable. You can get it on ifixit. This worked for me, and I hope it helps! I tried all the recommendations above several times and none work. I had all the same issues with my mac pro book quad core.

After trying for two weeks…. The white screen disappeared! I was putting the laptop down and the bottom hit my desk with a little force thsn normal. I know the last time i did that and went to bed when i tried using it in tge morning…. The normal screen came on. Then…it went off again. I tapped it again…. Something is obviously loose. I have the white screen of death, no logo, on a 27 inch iMac which I bought in about It has taken a long time to boot in the past, but has been pretty good for a while. I usually leave it on and only reset when it seems to be slowing down.

This time I was getting the button rainbow swirl thing and a note on blocked videos. I have tried three of the options above with nothing going past the white screen. Please advice? Regards, Sandy Harper. Tried all the above …. It turned on fine. I decided to check for software updates.

I had 4 which required a Restart. Watched as the software was downloaded, files written, etc. When it restarted, I got the beach ball then the white screen. Step one did not work. Your tape is still good — just your player is busted. Or you can just press and hold T while starting up, which starts your mac in Target Mode — essentially making it an external harddrive. You then connect the mac via firewire to another mac and transfer all your data. You can actually even boot your system from the other mac by holding down the Alt key while turning the other mac on and then choosing your computers drive as the startup disk.

For saving your important data, this is the most useful information on this whole page as far as I am concerned. My July , 27inch iMac , has refused to maintain Time Machine backups. After five or six backups, I would get a window saying that the Time Machine backup had failed. I could only get it to work again by reformatting the external HD and starting all over. Each time, continual backup failed. So, it was brilliant to be able to get my data off the iMac when it become un-bootable. The most important thing in this case is to actually find a Mac with a FireWire port.

Having the same problems as the original two posts. Both drives were mounted and checked out fine in Disk Utility. After unmounting and restarting, it booted fine. Any other info or solutions? WTF Apple? I do not recall what ios version the comp currently has. Alan I have re-installed OS X as 4 without losing any kind of data.

But it is recommended yes, that you back up the important stuff — just in case. So anybody who knows how i can solve this? Shut it down earlier today and on turning it back on few hours later got the white screen. I tried…it…. Tried everything. Have s 08 MacBook pro. My Screen dint turn on one day. But the external monitor worked fine. I tried PRAM reset, restarting in safe mode. Both did not work. Then i tried SMC reset a couple of time with a interval of 5 minutes , then the issue got resolved.

I got the same problem again for two three times in a span of 20 days and i used the same solution.

Troubleshooting Mac startup problems

Now it works fine for about one month now. On the built-in keyboard this will not work from an external keyboard , simultaneously press and hold the left shift, control, and option keys while you press the power button. Release all keys at the same time. You will see a colour change of red to green from the power plug.

Here is what I did: On the built-in keyboard , I simultaneously press and held the left shift, control, and option keys while I pressed the power button. You will see a colour change from orange to green from the power plug. Exactly the same problem, have followed all the steps exactly as you did prior to reading this and was looking for the next step, even brought a bootable USB device with OSX on. Did you find a solution to this or is it really going to require a replacement of Logic Board? Please get back to me if you found the solution to this everlasting White screen.

Thanks, Jason. The laptop boots to the Logo screen, but then hangs at a white screen prior to the login window. Command-R booting to access the recovery partition gets me to a….

Part 1. Why Does Your Mac Get Stuck on White Screen

I always said it was a stupid idea to follow the idiocy of Microsoft in using a recovery partition rather than physical media for emergency boots. In a last ditch attempt to get something to work I Command-S booted into single user mode and ran fsck. The initial run found some errors which it repaired, as a second run verified by reporting the drive seemed to be OK.

Rebooted… same old same old white screen of tediousness. The only other thing I could think might have failed is the RAM. Follow up… tried to run the built-in hardware test, but once again hit a white screen before getting to it.

Left the machine running Memtest86 overnight for about 10 hours but it threw up no errors with the RAM. Any luck.?.? I pulled the drive and hooked it up to another Mac, booted just fine.

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Let us know if you were able to find a fix! AppleSetupDone, press return, type exit, press return. Hope it works just as it id to me! I just used your solution and it brought it back to life! Thank you Andre. The third command gave an error so I suspect this did nothing but.

I did these steps and then it says Read-only file system. Is that normal? I typed exit and return and it says logout and then does nothing. I tried to hard reboot and I still get the white screen with the apple logo and spinning progress bar! Made sure to copy the exact spacing for it to work…. Do I like have to shut down the computer after typing in the required text or just wait for it to load up? Hooray Andre! I and so happy I stumbled across his solution before my Mac sat for 2 months, because I would have had to have bought a new one.

It did seem to be a problem involving an extra file in the directory, perhaps associated with a recent SharePoint file I had left open. It worked for me…!! But My curiosity raised the next question as to why this happened? I mean what did I do which casused this problem?

mac stuck on grey screen apple logo

I am using m,y mac for very personal and important research purpose and I dont want this to happen in future. Any suggestion? It worked for me! I tried everything for hours. It is very slow but at least it gives me time to make sure my back ups work and finish my work I was on a strict deadline, thankful this thanksgiving day!! Tried heaps of other ways. There has to be a reason for the problem initially. I have the same or very similar symptomps, but it turned out to be a hardware problem. I went to Apple store and the hardware test failed on video system.

Good news: Repair is free, because it is internal hardware failure. Bad news: I have to wait about 7 days to get it back repaired from Apple Repair Center. It is actually not that bad. Thank you Andre! Great tip!! I followed your instructions on the Command S screen and my computer is back!! Had the same frustrating issue with my MBP Early this morning. Was working OK the night before and today, when booting I get the pixelated grey login screen. Strangely after it the login screen was no longer pixelated and worked just fine. Bless your soul Oleg.

I tried all the troubleshooting I could read up on. At some point I was starting to lose hope and then I came across your comment. Hi Patrick what did u exactly do to fix this problem? What do I do next? Me too booted into command — s. Can someone explain what happened here. What is the best solution for this problem???? I had the exact same problem on my MacBook pro late … This one solved it for me, at least i thing so! But why did I have to do this? Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

How to Fix a Mac Stuck on a White Screen

Search posts. Contents 1 Quick Tips 1. Try a Safe Boot 4 3. Run Disk Utility 4. Make a Disk Image Backup 8. SK Managing Editor. HI Oluwa, It sounds like your hard drive was physically damaged. Hello, I have a iMac. Do you think this is the issue? As I am typing it is just sitting here with a huge white screen.

It is very cold to the touch. It has a full battery charge according to the green light. I have attached my MacBook charger cord to it and the light is green. There is no response to pushing the power button. No screens, no keyboard lights, nada, zip, nie! Any ideas beyond taking it to the Mac store? Hope the SMC works! The model is a Macbook pro mid Anyway, your work is very much appreciated.

Cheers Paul. Fingers crossed, it stays fixed! HI Theresa! Congrats on Mac Success!!! Thanks so much, had to go with the internet recovery mode but all ended up working fine. Hi Ted, Yes, that is a possibility. Any ideas to resolve the boot conflict with the display? Plug the power cord back in Wait 5 more seconds, then press the power button again to turn on your Mac It could also be a problem with your refresh rate—try lowering and see if this makes a difference. Hi Rajanikanth, Sorry to hear about your Mac troubles. Keep us posted and best of luck, SK.

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I tried rebooting from an external drive via firewire and no luck. I managed to reboot in Safe Mode without a problem. Does this sound like a good idea? Hi Kevin, Have you tried using Internet Recovery? How to set up and use target disk mode directions from Apple To get started, connect your two Mac computers with a FireWire, Thunderbolt, or USB-C cable that supports sufficient data transfer speeds. If you see a closed lock at the lower left, click it and type your password to make the Target Disk Mode button available. After the Mac starts up in target disk mode, it appears as a disk icon on the desktop of the other Mac.

Let us know what happens. Best of luck, SK. Elisa, What crazy things cats are—but we love them no matter what! Hope this comment help you guys. Kudos, Liz. Good luck and keep us posted! Hi Ahtasham, Sorry to hear about your MacBook. Good Luck, Liz. Thanks so much for your assistance in resolving the issue. Best Tony. Tony, Yippee! Cheers, SK. Hi SK Thanks for your advice. Many thanks. Hi Tony, Yes, if you have backed up regularly, there should be no problem reinstalling El Cap and then using Time Machine to restore your backup.

Keep us posted. I wish you the best of luck on your reinstallation! The problem I have was when during upgrading from Capitan to Sierra I did not have enough space on my HD, tried to uninstall Sierra but failed and after restarting I cannot log in anymore plus with a white screen and every time after typing in log in password, a dos message appeared on the left of the screen saying: Debugger called: panic Mac OS version: Not yet set Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version: I am using a Mac Air.

Any help is highly appreciated. Keep us posted on your progress and results, SK. Be Well, Liz. Hi Elizabeth, Appreciate your kind help throughout the way. Have a great day and weekend. Best Regards Coyle. Hi Elizabeth, The apple certified operators helped me clear the blank screen already. Thanks again! Tips for Buying or Selling Mac The second article was written for people considering buying used Macs—and for selling, these are good practices to keep in mind when preparing to sell.

Best of luck to you Coyle!!!! Hi Elizabeth, I have backed up my data previously. Coyle, Thanks for letting us know! Cheers, Liz. Nothing is working for my mac!!! Hi Coyle, Okay, now we are at the root of the problem. Have you been regularly backing up? Hope so. Really, really hope so! A system of checks runs. Good Luck with your mac, Liz. Hi there, For the fourth step are there Ny spaces? Also I must key in touch? Step — D. On the terminal window Type fsck —fy and press return Step — E.

Type mount —uw and press return Step — F. AppleSetupDone and press return Step — G. Good luck and keep us posted, Liz. Hi Bryan, Try connecting your mac to another mac to check on its status. Once the computer starts up in Target Disk Mode, it will appear as a disk icon on the desktop of the other computer. Double-click the disk to open it and browse the files on that computer. Transfer files by dragging them to or from the disk. Eject the disk by dragging its icon to the Trash the Trash icon will change to an Eject icon when you do this.

To exit target disk mode, press and hold the power button on the computer you used as a disk. Browser plug-ins and extensions are disabled. Disk Utility: Use Disk Utility to repair or erase your startup disk or other hard disk. Hope one of these works. Only thing which worked Replace ur chipset free of cost before dec Thank you Prakash, the smc reset worked perfectly!

Was truly worried about my laptop! Thank you so much Andre for that coding!! Got my computer back to life, now time to back it up!! For fsck sake. Thanks for this tip. It worked after three tries. Thought my MBP was a goner! A cache is a place where data is stored temporarily to help things load faster. But eventually, files in a cache become outdated and start to pile up on your Mac, resulting in a white screen problem. But note that dragging them to the Trash is not the right way to remove apps as it leaves behind tons of associated files on your Mac.

Its Uninstaller module is designed to uninstall apps completely, with no leftover parts and pieces behind. Click Uninstall and the application will be removed completely. As simple as that! These settings include sound volume, time zone, startup disk selection, and more. When your Mac finishes starting up, you should go to System Preferences and adjust some settings that were reset, such as time zone, display resolution, etc.

Disk Utility can fix several disk problems, including the white screen on Mac. You can click Show Details to get more information about the repairs. If all the approaches are failing and you still see that white screen on your Mac, you may need to reinstall your operating system. Only a fresh version of the macOS will be installed on your Mac again.

Apart from cleaning your Mac from all the junk, it gives you access to all maintenance scripts that allow to quickly optimize the system performance and never worry about the health of your Mac. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Best ways to fix a white screen on Mac. Darina Stavniychuk. Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. Did you enjoy this post?