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How to Add a Word to a Mac Apple Dictionary

Loving it so far but I need to get used to some functions available to a normal PC. Can anyone telll me if it's possible to search for spefic words within a document or website.

Previously for windows PC I will press the "Control-F" function and they will search and highlight the words that come up. Can anynoe let me know if MAC provides this function as well?

Apple Pages – A Good Replacement For Microsoft Word For Mac?

Giaguara Chmod Staff member. Oh yes. The command you'll find usedul is command-F. You can show the word count, character count with or without spaces , number of paragraphs, and number of pages in a document. Click in the toolbar , then choose Show Word Count.

Replace found text

Move the pointer over the right side of the counter at the bottom of the page, then click the arrows that appear to choose what you want to display. To see word count and other statistics for only part of a document, select the text that you want to check—the count updates to reflect only the selected text. You can add a page count to a header, footer, or any other place on a page.

The page count updates as you add or remove pages and is visible in the printed document.

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