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The organiser should also install and uninstall the icon along with the keyboard layout. Creating a keyboard layout based on the current input failed on systems prior to macOS If you removed a key map, and then used undo to replace it, the default index might be incorrectly set afterwards. The mechanism for installing keyboard layouts has been reworked.

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Instead of doing it directly within Ukelele or indirectly through Keyboard Juggler, there is a new window, the Organiser, which brings the functionality of Keyboard Juggler into Ukelele. This removes the need for the helper application previously used by Ukelele. It also incorporates some Swift code, requiring macOS The installation disk image that is now exported is hopefully more useful, with an app to install rather than a symbolic link.

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This allows the user to install for the current user, which is the preferred location for macOS Updated the language database to the Language Subtag Registry of This is used for specifying the intended language of a keyboard layout. Some sanity checking of icon files now gets done when adding them to a keyboard layout, to ensure that they really are the right kind of files, not a different format with just the extension changed to. This release, the first beta release of Ukelele 3. However, such bundles may not work with OS X Change the colour themes to allow more choices. For each category of key normal, dead key, selected and state up or down , the gradient type, colours and text colour can be set individually.

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  8. Automatically repair missing key maps when opening a keyboard layout, putting empty key maps with only the special keys defined. Detect and repair an invalid keyboard ID when opening a keyboard layout, automatically generating a valid keyboard ID for the script specified in the keyboard layout. Open files now remember the colour theme, keyboard type and zoom level after quitting Ukelele and restarting, as long as files are automatically reopened Lion and later.

    When editing output of a special key, there is now a button to insert the standard output automatically. Further fixed the behaviour of adding a creation comment in 2. Fixed some situations where the selected colour theme was ignored and the default theme was used.

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    Fix the print dialog extension PDE so that the Ukelele options in the print dialog now appear and work again. Add a preference to allow the user to choose whether to reopen the documents that were open when Ukelele was last quit.

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    This only applies to Mac OS X Update the Unicode tables to the current draft of the Unicode Character Database, version 6. Note that this is a beta version, with the formal 6. It is still available on earlier versions of OS X. Fix a bug that could lead to a new keyboard ID being set to 0 instead of the value in the dialog.

    When a new modifier combination was added, it did not affect the display in the Ukelele window immediately.

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    This is fixed so that it shows up properly. Fix a crash when trying opening a keyboard layout within a bundle when either the bundle did not contain any keyboard layouts, no keyboard layout was chosen, or the cancel button was pressed. Made some changes to the property list which may help with the problem of Ukelele appearing to claim non-Ukelele documents, particularly bundles. Added a new preference which enables the user to choose to use a sheet dialog for editing key output on double-click the previous behaviour, and the default or edit in the same window.

    Read our Privacy Policy. Contact us here. Latest Update 16 September — Released version 3. Note These downloads are no longer current. Ukelele 3.


    Ukelele 2. Mouse click and touchpad gestures. Simulate mouse movement, drag and drop, select text and so on. Also control PPT presentation, internet exploers. Using voice to text feature of input methods, this feature help you send text to your computer.

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    You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS for further information. Open source code for Linux, you can Download it.

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