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SecuritySpy offers the ability to easily look at camera video and audio on smartphones. This free companion really broadens the usefulness of the security system. One of the points SecuritySpy notes is its efficient use of Mac resources. I have one new camera that is a little demanding on file size, but I'm pretty sure the problem can be resolved.

A bit about software support should be noted. BenSoftware has a lot of easily understood explanations of issues, setup, problem solving on their website. I go through them carefully and usually get my answers there. But, if I'm stuck, I have had very helpful replies quickly from the company.

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Was this review helpful? Works with every camera I threw at it. Records with motion detection. Needed a tweak for my particular camera and within a day a beta version that could handle it arrived. Very easy to set up. SecuritySpy allows me to view and record from a series of ip cameras to external storage. Makes browsing the recorded images very easy. Runs continuously on my MacBook Pro which I continue to use for all the normal applications. I've used this software for just over a year now.

It had performed flawlessly. With this software I can remotely check for package deliveries even when I'm out of town. I have used the recordings to find out when during the night a neighbors car was broken into 4: After a neighbor sent an email about his home being burgled during the day, I was able go back and review footage to provide him photos of a guy who approached my house looking very furtive, then when on to look around a couple more homes before moving down the street toward the burgled home.

The police recognized the fellow as a burglar. Too bad my neighbor didn't have a camera system to deter the thief along with SecuritySpy in case the thief broke in anyway. Updated on Jul 17, oops, a typo in my original review - It still performs flawlessly. Communicates with a wide variety of cameras and DVRs Eliminates the need for expensive DVRs Incredibly easy to set up and replicate across 16 cameras Cuts through NIH attitude of the security camera industry Presentation Professional Affords flexibility without being confusing.

Only allows for 16 total cameras Remote browser could be upgraded Needs to integrate FTP or Dropbox to make it simpler to access data. Need to keep computer running when power is out to keep it functioning Add even more obscure cameras and DVRs to devices. I spent one fourth on my camera system for my property using SecuritySpy as compared to three bids with the same functionality. I was ready to give up on a camera system that I could run from my mac after I began tio deal with the security industry.

As I tell everyone who wants to put together a network camera security system. I tell them to buy SecuritySpy first, hands down, then spend a great deal of time going through which cameras will work for them. The only given in my whole system is SecuritySpy. Effective it just works Scalable, cost effective - I have 16 cams on one mac mini with this You don't have to read the manual.

I guess Motion features could be better - but thats the case with most cams or motion lights probably. This mac software is a reason to own a mac. I run on a older macmini, sends me immediate emails with photos, and record longer clips on hard drive.


Couple with remote patrol on an iphone there is more to watch than exists on network tv. Checking your cams is so easy you do it before you surf or check email. It's the hardware that can be the work reboots and lens etc , but this software makes it manageble.

This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I have been using this product on my Macs for almost two years now. Before that I had bought just about every other highly rated security program for my PC computers and was not ever satisfied with any of them. I run over 20 cameras in SS and find it to be the most simple and user friendly program of all.

The support is fast and personable And proffesional. Remote viewing is easy for iPhone or other handheld devices. Thanks Security Spy. Cameras are easy to set up and configure, the web server is great -- even works on my Iphone although I hear that there's an iphone app coming from a different party -- which should be awesome!

The developer even responded to my scripting questions quickly -- al around great software. I've also used BTV for years-- it's nice to have software that does what it says it will do and does it well. I have never gone out on the web to leave a review of any product, or service. The fact that the software is really good is one reason I write this review, But the extraordinary support is what makes this a 5 Star product.

I don't understand all of the reviews on this website stating that people had issues with the software and that Ben or Milo didn't get back with them. I have sent multiple questions to the developer asking if they will upgrade the software to support newer cameras but have not recieved a reply. The developers must have left this app for dead. No support, they dont return emails, and its beeen nearly a year since this app has had an update, its still at version 1.

I do not reccomend anybody to by this software or any software from this developer until they change the way they do business. Oh how I wish the developers of the live cams pro ios app would develop a mac app. I love to pull this app up when I'm on my iMac and see all my cameras. However, I recently got a Tenvis and this camera caused a major issue with this software as it would continue to attempt to bring up an image and I would have to Force Quit the program.

I contacted DComplex and they responded immediately with a recommendation and are attempting to fix this problem.

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Even with this minor issue for me I would purchase this application again and again. The only other wish I might have is to be able to add some public WebCams like our local traffic cams. Maybe you can already do this I just haven't figured it out yet. I am using 2 cameras in my set up. The Axis was detected automatically by this app.

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The Trendnet camera was connected manually, but it was a simple process. I have both set up to record on motion and with face detection. That whole set up took 5 minutes at the most. It is working flawlessly.

This is a simple layout which is customizable to the amount of cameras you have. It would be nice to have the ability to save the files to a location other than the Movies folder, especially since I have a huge external drive. Another want, is the ability to FTP an image, either during an event or at a set interval. Good job. I'm looking forward to how this will improve. Persicope Pro is pretty basic but is well designed, easy to use and features essentials such as motion detection, video and sound recording and covert monitoring.

You can also upload any recorded footage directly to Dropbox in case anything happens to your Mac. Setting up IP cameras is particularly well done on Persicope Pro with a setup wizard to automatically detect cameras. You can schedule recording or set it to record based on motion which will also send you motion detection alerts, upload to FTP and remotely access cameras from PC. Mac and iOS devices. The smart thing about iDVR Pro is that you can view up to thirty-six cameras in one view making it suitable for professional security guards to monitor.

You can access camera on a local network or remotely from anywhere. BackStreet Surveillance is another professional CCTV security system that has a relatively easy user interface for something so powerful but like Amcrest, it requires proprietary cameras.

Pricing is on quotation only. These are the best security cameras and software for Mac and although you will find other budget surveillance solutions on the Mac App Store, in our experience the results are not great. The same goes for the popular Blue Iris surveillance software which only runs on Windows.

There are plenty of Blue Iris alternatives for Mac here that do the job just as well and will be far more reliable and less stressful to setup. There are many reasons you may want to use security camera software on your Mac but some of the most common reasons include:. There are some useful things to be aware of however before choosing which is the best system out there for Mac users. Here are some important things to know before deciding which is best for your needs and expectations.

Finally, be aware that no home security system is bulletproof. Thieves and home invaders are becoming increasingly sophisticated in taking-out DIY home security camera systems. Alternatively, there have been cases of criminals aiming a simple laser beam at security cameras which can blind the lens during a break-in.

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At the moment, security camera manufacturers are still playing catch-up with robbers when it comes to jamming although it should be stressed that the majority of break-ins are opportunistic i. There have also been more recent cases of home security camera footage being intercepted and viewed by third parties. One way to protect yourself from this type of hacking is to use a VPN on your Mac. These encrypt your WiFi connections so that they are almost impossible to hack.

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If you have any questions, problems or suggestions let us know in the comments below. Felt pretty good about our two outdoor nestcams. This requires an excessively large hole through an exterior wall. Feeling very vulnerable. Unfortunately there are many mean spirited people around in the guise of friendly Bernie Madoff types…. Interesting to hear your experiences with Nest Cam Outdoor. It would certainly make more sense if Nest Cam Outdoor cables could be detached from the camera during installation because as you say, otherwise you need to drill a hole the size of the camera to squeeze it through.

Regarding jamming, you highlight a good point about the pitfalls of wireless security camera. One of the problems is that all systems that use wireless technology such as Nest Cams have to state the wireless frequency they broadcast on — making it easy for thieves or intruders to use jam that frequency during break ins using some kind of radio transmitter.