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Read to the end of the post for a better download link! Updating to CUDA 9. Be sure to update the display driver before installing the CUDA driver.

Hackintosh Mojave Enable Hardware Acceleration

Technically, GPU acceleration is not required to run Premiere Pro, but the performance benefits are absolutely worth it. For example, GPU acceleration will shorten render times and improve playback performance. Click here to see the list of accelerated effects in Premiere Pro. GPU accelerated effects are indicated by this icon in the Effects panel:.

This GPU acceleration update comes one month after announcing support changes for Windows and Mac OS, requiring users to update to newer operating systems in order to use future versions of Premiere Pro. Click the link to learn what the new minimum operating system requirements are for the next version of Premiere Pro.

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We spoke to Matt Bach , Senior Puget Labs Technician at Puget Systems , and asked him what his thoughts were on the announcement and what the practical implications are for Premiere Pro users. This will come as a big inconvenience to Premiere Pro users on older systems.

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Support changes like this are to be expected from tech companies. We all know technology is constantly evolving and Adobe has to keep up. MATT: At some point, developers simply have to draw a line in the sand and say "we can't support every possible combination out there" and choose what is reasonable for them to concentrate on. Can this annoy end users?

KB Parallels: Hardware acceleration is grayed out in SolidWorks

But in the end, it should result in a better experience for everyone - assuming you have a system that falls within what they decide to support. Adobe has to make support decisions that will improve the experience for the majority of their customers.

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  • My computer is a MacBook. I don't know anything more than thatbecause I got this as a B-Day gift 2 years ago.

    So it's not really "New, New" but still pretty new. If you know where that is let me know.

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    Please help me out, I wanna play my Sims game again! April edited April Hi there. Can you post your system properties, so we can see what sort of system you're running and what video card you have? Thanks, -Big Guy-. December Hi - I'm having this issue too. I was getting the "can't find disc", so we updated our operating system and now I'm getting the hardware issue. My mac is an iMac13,1. Processor is Intel Core i7, 3. LCD display with x resolution.