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Phone software up to date. This syncing is very cool…. Like it has been mentioned when the messages sent to your phone thing gets fixed it will be even better. One issue I have found though is that I would rather messages on my Mac did not automatically pop open and show all my messages! But the app automatically opening and then just sitting there showing all my messages is not cool!

Anyone know how to stop messages on the Mac to stop automatically opening? I want to be able to open when I need it and see messages synced though. Try going into notification centre in system prefs, Maybe you can turn off messages there? Of choose what happens when you get one. I had a director who was teaching a class with email running in the background. No more going from device to device to find that bit of information that was texted to you.

Getting all of your contacts to switch to your email address is an issue.

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Hopefully when ios6 is out this will be addressed. Correct, I just tried it and the meeasge never went through. I changed the setting back to my phone number and tried agin, it worked. Name required.

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How To Add or Remove your phone number on Mac

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Get Messages for your Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion' system today

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Apple Is Now Killing Messages Beta For Existing OS X Lion Users

Scott says:. I expect usage of iMessage to soar in the months ahead. Got a question about Mountain Lion? We dive into the things you need to know about availability, Apple is replacing its iChat instant messaging application with Messages on the Mac. While the With Mountain Lion, Apple is creating a new way for Mac developers to sign their apps and adding a We take a sneak peek at two iOS flavored apps that are making the move to the Mac in this summer's Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever.

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