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Some have waited years for this moment , the day when Apple killed off its iTunes media app for MacOS and split the exasperating tool into individual pieces, each dedicated to a specific purpose. Here's the difference between them all. Over the years, Apple handed more and more responsibility to the MacOS version of iTunes until the app seemed to be in charge of all your MacOS entertainment needs. Mac users will be much better served in Catalina, which adopts the iOS approach of letting several apps handle individual tasks.

While Apple has split iTunes into three apps, the switch to Catalina doesn't have to be jarring. Apple's made it fairly easy to move from iTunes to its new music service in Catalina.

Itunes Login Keeps Popping Up On Mac

For example, music that you've bought through through iTunes or imports from elsewhere will be available in the new Apple Music app. Likewise, music playlists you created in iTunes will already appear in the new app -- you won't have to transfer a thing.

Here's how to get set up and start listening to music. Tap the Get started listening button, and the Music app will pull in your iTunes playlists -- both the ones you've built and the smart ones iTunes made for you. If none of your music is showing up and you sync your music library with Apple Music or iTunes Match , tap the Show all music button up at the top of the Music app. You can also choose the All Music option from the View menu to see all your songs.

In the Music app, over on the left in the Music sidebar, and tap iTunes Store. Apple's music store should look familiar to you, with new music running down the center of the app's window, charts over on the right and music that might interest you near the bottom. If you are interested, you can also sign up for Apple Music -- Apple's similarly named subscription music-streaming service.

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Both can help to match your music online and enable you to enjoy songs everywhere. But they are two completely different and standalone services. However, with iTunes Match, it will only add your DRM free files or enhance them with the iTunes music, so the files won't be locked after matching.

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Hence, matching iTunes Music with iTunes Match is a better option. Find and click the 'iTunes Match' menu from the iTunes, you will see the introduction page on what it is and how does it work. If you have subscribed to the 'iTunes Match' service, you can click the 'Sign in' option and then input your Apple ID and password to start to use the service. Once entered, Apple will start to scan your entire music library and then upload them to the iCloud for listening everywhere. As for the iTunes Purchased movies and TV shows, there is not a similar iTunes Match service and you can't use the iPhoto backup either, which is for pictures and home videos.

But no worries, you can still move your iTunes movies to the iCloud Drive for backup. If you are using a Windows PC, you can download and install the iCloud drive package from Apple official website. Now you should see the iCloud Drive icon on your Finder Mac or Explorer Windows and you can simply click it to open it. Every movies or TV shows you copy to the folder will be synced to the iCloud server automatically.

How to Download iCloud Photos to Mac in 2 Easy Ways 2018

In this way, you can keep your videos safe and find then from other devices, however, since they are DRM protected, you have to authorize them on the devices before you play them. To enable you to get best experience of of playing or sharing the iTunes purchased or rented videos, you are recommended to crack the FairPlay DRM protection from all your iTunes movies before you uploading them to iCloud Drive. Generally you just need to get the free Requiem to remove DRM losslessly.


There is a small drawback that Requiem was discontinued in , so many new systems may not work well with it. Users who are interested in this can simply click 'Download' to try it out for free. Toggle navigation Store Products. Part 1.

Using iCloud

Part 2. Start iTunes from your computer by double-clicking on the iTunes desktop icon.