Cant find autorecover file mac

If you want, you can change the save time interval within the AutoRecover setting as follows:.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

The default is 10 minutes. Entering a lower number saves more often, but you may notice Word is more sluggish when it saves so often. Entering a higher number may make Word perform better, but you may lose more changes if a power outage or computer crash occurs. You might do this for extremely large documents that take a long time to save. Wise from previous problems I closed it immediately and looked one last time in a desperate hope online. Thank you Bo Reeze!

Saved me a mountain of time. Hi John Thanks for the advice I find this works for word, automatically, its great As to excel, I can even see it autosaving however after my crashes, I never get the recovered doc as I do with word. I have it set to save every 10 mins in preferences. After my most recent crash, I tried finding it through your path, and I only have a couple of word files there. Any advice? If you explain the gravity go the situation, they may help you.

Good luck — John. Thanks John. This guidance led me to my document when all other avenues failed. Thank you so very much for your helpful advice!! I just want to say that I love you for this. You saved me at least 2 hours of work on a hard deadline!! This reply even though it was older single handedly saved me! I tried all the other tips and none of them worked!

How to Recover an Unsaved PowerPoint in Windows 10

Thank you! I am trying to find my recovered Excel files as well I go to Spotlight search the eyeglass in the very upper right hand conner of screen next to date and time and I type in. If they are not there, let me know as they are most likely saved in the User library. After a crash of Excel for Mac I searched high and low for advice about how to find an unsaved Word document that crashed.

Yours was the trick that did it! Substituting Excel for Word, of course. Eternally grateful. Hi John, My Word Document crashed without it being saved and I have done all of the above, except I do not really understand what you are referring to searching in finder in the above statement. Any suggestions? Thanks Marc!! Thanks to your URL, I too, found the hidden file I was working on all day that was not apparently auto-recovered!!

How to Recover Saved and Unsaved Office Files for Mac

My Mac has been crashing a lot — and i have been retrieving AutoRecover versions…but it crashed earlier today, and the doc i was working on all of yesterday and today and had been saving reverted back to the last version saved on 19th Sept. HELP please!!

Did you check the standard Autorecover folder see below. If your Mac is constantly crashing you need you do a verify disk under disk utility and if this fails, either call Microsoft if the crashes are related to Office products only… or to Apple if the crashes are general Mac crashes. I accidentally did not save my excel file Mac Yosemite I did not get a recovered file when reopened excel.

However, when I double click on it, excel does launches but it does not open the file. It give the message:. I tried right click — open with other applications but they either say the file is corrupted, empty or cannot find file…. Have you tried opening these files from within the App?

Enabling and using AutoRecover

Good luck Eric — John. Back then Macs crashed often and hard, but we put up with it cause, even with the frequent crashes and data loss, we were still 10x more productive than everyone else. I often have spreadsheets cumulatively left open over time. Well of course this time, just as I just finished something I did not want to repeat, the recovery process started and Excel crashed. So I wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you for your post.

Change the extension from xlsx to xls. Then the file opens no problem. Michael, you are awesome, your tip worked!!!! I spent hours trying to figure out how to open the shaded files in the auto recovery directory. After working on an excel document all day my computer froze so I walked away planning to return in half an hour. When I did I discovered that it had crashed and upon reopening the excel spreadsheet it was the original document I had worked on that morning.

Any ideas? You can drill down to the Autorecover Library, by going through the raw backup file on the Time Machine drive or b giving Microsoft a call and see if they will throw you a life line. If anyone else has any ideas, please leave a comment. Good luck Matt. This was the first site that came up when I searched for help. It really helped me. Thank you.

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I have read through this all but no luck. The weird thing is that now I cannot either file — the original one or the updated one. When I go to library and get to auto recovery for excel — there are no files there.

How To… Recover Word & Excel Files After A Mac Crash

I also checked my dropbox to which I back up and file is just gone. Only to call Microsoft directly and see what their input is. If you saved it, they should be able to find it. I found the library by going to Finder. Thank you so much for posting Nesh! I struggled for hours and your tip was what finally helped me to save a VERY important document. I could NOT find library to save my life until I found your directions. Thank you Nesh, I so appreciate the tip for finding the library. Holding the option key with the Go drop down menu worked beautifully and I easily found my file.

You are a life saver! Oh My God, I cannot thank you enough for the simplest of commands which have found my file. You are a life saver. I worked on a file for 3 hours this morning and later in the day I could not find it. Thought I lost 3 hours of work. Thank you sooooo much. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. The trick is… knowing how it works. First thing, turn it on: Open Microsoft Word. Check the box to turn the AutoRecover feature on. I suggest you change the AutoRecover timing to between 3 — 5 minutes, depending on your writing habits.

You have the option to keep the last saved version or the AutoRecovered version of the file. Immediately , use Save As… to save the. Note: The folders containing the AutoRecovered files may not be visible. When you find the file, double-click to open it.

How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document on a Mac

Alternatively, from Word's File menu, choose Open The default AutoRecover location is:. Replace username with the short name of your account in Mac OS X, Office version with the version of Office you have, and filename with the name of the document. If it's not there, try searching for it with Spotlight, which you can access from the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the Finder menu bar. Once you find the file, drag it to the Desktop. Double-click it, or, from Word's File menu, choose Open This is document ahnd in the Knowledge Base.