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Or lead another faction on the campaign of conquest and expansion, and make use of the chaos because the Roman civil war rages? The award-winning Total War series returns to Rome, setting a completely new quality benchmark for Strategy gaming.

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Dominate your opponents by military, economic and political means. Your ascension brings both admiration and jealousy, even out of your nearest allies. Are you going to suffer unfaithfulness or are you the first one to switch on old buddies? Are you going to battle to save the Republic, or plot to rule alone as Emperor? Conspiracies, politics, intrigue, revolts, loyalty, honor, ambition, unfaithfulness.

Your choices will write your personal story. Build huge armies and decide to try the battleground in tangible-time combat mode. Place your tactical abilities towards the test while you directly control hundreds of 's of males contrasting in epic land and ocean battles. Even if you start as the Romans, you will find yourself immediately embroiled in war with the Etruscans and eventually the Veneti, Liguria and Syracuse to conquer modern day Italy.

Or perhaps you choose to be another faction surrounded by a whole other basket of unpronounceable without practice minor factions such as Bityhnia, Galatia, Trapezos and Cappadocia for the Pontus faction. With this new installment of the Total War series, Creative Assembly is bringing some brand new features not seen or fully realized in previous iterations. As some of you may have already seen, beach landings and coastal battles where armies and navies fight on the same battlefield will be possible with the new engine.

In conjunction with this new feature, you will be able to field 40 individual units at once, land and sea included, on one battlefield. Cities at least major ones like Rome, Babylon and Athens will look distinctively different with landmarks and specific location and historically correct buildings on the battle map, unlike in predecessors where cities had very generic and bland looks. In order to help you figure out the mess that will be the thousands of individual soldiers thrashing about in a giant melee, there will be the addition of a large tactical overview mode, similar to those that you would have found in games such as the brilliant Wargame series and the venerable Company of Heroes series.

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Creative Assembly has definitely done its utmost to make Total War Rome 2 more palatable at a micro scale. More specifically, at an individual soldier scale. Total War Rome 2 brings in a new camera mode where you will actually be able to be all up close and personal with the soldiers in the trenches. So close up in fact, you will be practically on the shoulder of one the soldiers, like some faerie of death commands. In the battles themselves, seeing where the enemy is will be very difficult.

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You, as the commander of your army, will only be able to see the enemy if they are directly in your line of sight. Your view obscured by a rock? To add to the potential awesome, Creative Assembly wants to minimize the number of armies a faction can field at a time. Gone, it seems, will be the times where one lonely enemy spearmen unit cavorts around your countrysides, disrupting trade and generally being a nuisance to your grand schemes.

In Total War Rome 2, the number of regions you hold is key to the number of armies you will be able to field.

Only large armies and battles will be tolerated. The update was released as a retail copy, and completely replaces the original on Steam.

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