Minimize sims 2 on mac

This method worked for me! Mine won't open at all. I click run and nothing happens, any tips? I'm having the same issue, but I have yet to see any reports of it outside this thread.

The Sims 2 for Mac: Strangetown

In fact, not only does it crash It does in fact start, as seen in Task Manager , but it also crashes Origin. Fun fact: in one way, mansion and garden stuff is considered an expansion pack, because it adds an interaction sims sniffing flowers. So my issue is I did it where I didn't have TS2 in my inventory already, and I'd read that would be perfectly fine and I could still start a new game since it was the full game.

But when I go to make a new neighborhood I can't? I'm not exactly sure how to get to the main game itself if I even got it with this download and if I did how to load it. I'm not sure what you mean by you can't make a new neighborhood? Cake Day.

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Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. So, you probably got the sims 2 Ultimate. Here's a common problem on newer end pcs and how to fix. Sims 2.

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Hope this guide helps any new sims 2 picker upper One other note: The game may appear stuck on the inital splash screen, but give it 2 minutes for it to do "inital loading" at it will work. Continue this thread. Tutorial: Find out which version of The Sims 2 is the latest one. Have yet to create one, will report back. This game was like my childhood, I want it back in my life D:.

My game keeps freezing on start up.

Try setting it to one CPU core. Anyone else having lag issues with it? Win 8. Do you mean frame rate issues? More posts from the thesims community. Oct 31, Cake Day.

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However, it definitely helps if you learn those gestures, along with the keyboard commands and other methods of using full screen mode on Mac. And, just as importantly, learn how to exit full screen mode. Even now, several years after it was introduced, not all apps fully support full screen mode. If it shows two arrows pointing outwards inside the green button, you can use it with full-screen mode. To switch it on, just click the green button. To display a window after minimizing it, just find it in the Dock and click on it.

Mission Control allows you to have several desktop workspaces on your Mac and switch between them quickly. You can also invoke Mission Control by swiping upwards with three fingers on the trackpad. Once the full-screen apps and workspaces are in view along the top of the screen, you can drag the windows around to put them in the order you want them. If you use multiple apps or documents in full-screen mode and need to swap between them, use the above method to place them next to each other.

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You can then swipe left and right with three fingers on the trackpad to move quickly between full-screen apps and documents. You can switch screens by using the Application Switcher. You can also hold down the Control key and press the left or right arrow keys to move between full-screen apps.

How to Exit Out of Full Screen Mode in Mac OS X

Full-screen mode is particularly useful when you need to switch back and forth between apps quickly. For example, if you need to check numbers in a table in a Google doc against those in a spreadsheet in Numbers. Just put Safari and Numbers in full-screen mode, then use Mission Control to position the desktops next to each other so you can quickly swipe between them.

Putting apps in full-screen mode is also a great way of minimizing distractions.

How to Exit Out of Full Screen Mode in Mac OS X

Many writing apps now have distraction-free modes and displaying them full screen allows you to get the most from that method of working. If none of those works, try quitting the app and then re-launching it. If you frequently run into problems with full-screen mode, one possible solution is to use maintenance scripts in CleanMyMac X.

You can download it free here. That's it!

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By the way, with the help of CleanMyMac, you can easily optimize your Mac performance.