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How to View Chrome Tabs You Have Open on Other Devices

Tetsujin User User 5 12 Holding CTRL just opens the right click menu. I need the shortcut to open up the link in a new tab These are the default settings [iirc] but they can be changed in Prefs… Edit: Other actions involve the ability to open links in the background or foreground, copy them to the clipboard, save links locally , etc.

Always Open Pages in New Tabs

Next in line is the Drag Link section, which contains another set of useful actions. Check the box next to Drag link, and you can customize how links open once you click and drag a link in any given direction — up, down, left, or right. You can also modify detection time before the movements trigger the bound actions. Finally, you can also add exceptions if you want to stop the extension from working on certain sites.

After installing, simply hold the Z key, and then click and drag across an area of a webpage containing links — such as the results page on Google Search. Once you release the mouse button, expect all selected links to open immediately in new tabs.

Full Fix: Chrome keeps opening new tabs

LinkClump also lets you customize how it works, and even provides the means to bind new actions to other mouse buttons. Go to the LinkClump Options screen click extension icon next to URL bar and then click Options , and then click either Edit to modify the current action, or Add Action to create new ones from scratch. You should then be presented with a range of options that facilitate the ability to change the default key that you press, the mouse button that you use, or the color of the selection box.

In addition, you can also change how the links open — as tabs or new windows — or even choose alternate actions that bookmarks selected links or copies them to clipboard.

How to fix Chrome if it keeps on opening new tabs

The Advanced Options section also lets you determine how the extension should function, such as filtering links using set criteria, stopping duplicates from loading, etc. You can forgo extensions altogether if you don't mind skipping out on the trusty left mouse button.

Instead, just press the scroll wheel or middle mouse button to open links in separate tabs in a jiffy. At the top right of the icon, click More.

macos - Chrome of Mac: ctrl+click to open a new tab - Super User

At the top right of the tab, click Close. If a tab, window, or extension isn't working, you can force it closed with Chrome's task manager. Send feedback on Google Chrome Help Forum Forum.

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Open a new tab At the top of your Google Chrome window, next to the last tab on the right, click New tab. Or, use a keyboard shortcut: To open a new window, use a keyboard shortcut: Open a file in a new tab From your computer's desktop or folder, drag the file into a Google Chrome tab.

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Browse and select the file from your computer.